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“Reuse” is one of the most powerful Sustainability R’s to lower our impact.
"us" represents reusable products to help replace the disposable.

reuseus; make once use many times.

Founders' story

Founders' story

A few years ago I came across a pigeon with a plastic bag tied around her neck. She couldn’t easily fly and was gradually being strangled. I managed to catch her, carefully cut off the plastic and see her safely fly off. From then on I've wanted to help reduce plastic waste.

Watching David Attenborough's Blue Planet II and seeing the impact on albatross chicks from ingesting small plastic picks made us wonder how we could help, and so friendly floss was born.

fiendly floss

friendly floss

A reusable flossing tool that's friendly for your teeth and our planet

Whether you floss with a pick or just fingers, we've designed a reusable flossing tool to give you the best of both worlds whilst protecting ours